Solutions in film recovery

For those of you processing packaging waste, Nihot offers several solutions to recover plastic film from a variety of fractions, including those following ballistic, optical and manual sorting processes.

Our WSS windshifter and Rotary Air Separator (RAS) combination is the ideal solution for capturing plastic film in tight spaces. It’s a great option for any system, but the flexible footprint also makes it a great candidate for retrofits. We have recently fulfilled several orders for this solution and our customers are benefitting from its excellent separation performance, low cost and minimal maintenance.

One of the challenges in packaging waste systems is the fact that a Rotary Air Separator (RAS) is subject to regular maintenance (cleaning), especially to prevent blocking of the RAS. Due to our efforts of designing a smart RAS concept we have been able to reduce the maintenance intervals to a minimum. By means of several features and conceptual design these intervals are limited to a daily inspection. And based on our customers’ experience actual cleaning of the RAS is limited to once a week up to once every two months. This results in the significant increase of the availability of the whole plant.

Recently we have made some adjustments to our WSS windshifter range dedicated for light packaging waste applications. Several improvements have been made, this so we can offer an even more economical solution combined with our premium separation efficiency.

We will keep you informed about these new installations and developments; as we like to say, “Seeing is believing!”

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