WSS windshifters for upgrading a facility in their film recovery (France)

We would like to thank our customers for their confidence and efforts which enabled Nihot to become a key player in the field of air separation technology.

Nihot has supplied and installed two WSS windshifters in France for the separation of packaging waste.

This existing facility needed to upgrade their installation due to the regulations within the ‘Extension des consignes de tri’, the Extension of sorting instructions in France. With the extension of the sorting instructions, sorting of all packaging becomes possible. And within 5 years, it’s +400,000 tons of packaging, of which 150,000 tonnes of new packaging, that will be sorted and recycled or recovered!
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Objective: removing (recovering) plastic film from the separated fraction after manual- , optical- and ballistic sorting for further processing

Nihot’s scope of supply
The input to both windshifter is different but the outcome is the same: clean film. First WSS receives recyclables from Manual Sorting & rejects from the Fiber Optical Sorter. The second WSS receives the fraction coming from a Ballistic Separator & rejects from the Polymer Optical Sorter.

WSS 600
Capacity 1 t/h
Fraction size 60-300 mm

WSS 800
Capacity 0,4 t/h
Fraction size 60-300 mm

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