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Demonstration SDS 500-C compost cleaning Hungary


On February 9th 2011 our distributor Profi-Bagger in Hungary has organized a demonstration with the Nihot semi mobile SDS 500-C Drum Separator. More than 50 customers were present during this demonstration.

The location was at a waste management company in Gödöllö near Budapest. This company owns a landfill  where they operate a MBT (Mechanical-Biological Treatment) waste sorting line. In the sorting line they have a primary shredder, a magnet, a 100 mm screen, a ballistic separator. After the screen they have around 50% volume of the incoming MSW sorted out, which is rich in paper and plastic packing materials (folies, bottles, newspapers etc.) This screened material is composted for 4-10 weeks.

The set up of the demonstration was simple but very explanatory. A mobile Doppstadt trommel screen (SM 518) was fed by a wheel loader. The input material consisted of semi dried MSW 0-120 mm. With screen holes of Ø20 mm, the fine compost fraction was screened off by the Doppstadt. The oversize 20 – 120 mm was conveyed to the infeed section of the Nihot SDS 500-C Drum Separator.

The SDS 500-C removed the inert materials like stones, metals, glass, ceramics and heavy wood like materials which was discharged by the heavy waste conveyor of the SDS unit to a container.

Input The light RDF fraction consisted of film, plastics, paper, cardboard and some leaves. This was discharged from the light waste conveyor underneath the expansion chamber of the SDS unit to an additional conveyor which was led to a big container.

Thanks to a beautiful day and the great effort of Profi Bagger, the demonstration was a great success. The next day we received 2 inquiries for the semi mobile Drum Separators.

To watch the video of the demonstration, please click on the link below

The Nihot semi mobile SDS Drum Separator is a versatile separating system and is suitable to separate and/or upgrade a wide variety of input material with a fraction size between 20-250 mm i.e.

MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
C&I (Commerial and Industrial Waste)
C&D (Construction & Demolition Waste)
WEEE (Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment)
Glass clean up
Metal scrap

The SDS semi mobile unit is a complete “plug & play” system and is equipped with the following items: infeed section with conveyor, recirculation fan rotating drum and heavy waste discharge conveyor, expansion chamber with integrated light waste discharge conveyor and dust filter, and an electrical cabinet. The whole unit is mounted on to a skid frame with extendable support legs.

Maximum input capacity is approximately 30 t/h. Maximum output of light waste is approximately 4 t/h for the standard SDS 650-C and approximately 8 t/h for the SDS 650-C XL.

In case you would like to know more about this flexible and multi functional equipment, please contact us.