Air Technologies

Nihot Recycling Technology is a proven market leader in the supply of waste separation technologies, systems and components, using controlled air. Nihot's air technologies reflect a superior reliability, offering a high waste separation efficiency.

Why Nihot?

  • Nihot has more than 65 year's experience and is a recognized player in its field.
  • Expertise and knowledge: a global supplier and market leader in air technologies to separate waste.
  • Systems and components of a proven quality (see our references),
    to be utilized for virtually all kinds of waste.
  • Highest degree of separation (99%).
  • A test center in our factory to experiment and test with different materials.
  • Innovative products and solutions.

Unique Characteristics & Advantages

Each type of product or system has its own unique advantages and characteristics, such as the Windshifter's proven operational reliability and the Drum Separator's high capacity. Those proven benefits result in:

  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Low operating costs
  • High reliability

More Info about Nihot

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Separate waste by air

Nihot offers high-efficient systems for the Environmental and Recycling Industry to separate waste by using air. Our systems and air technologies can be utilized for a wide range of applications.

Products and systems Nihot

Animation Drum Separator

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